About Us

Not your typical consultant.

Valley Schools was created in 1987 by school districts pursuant to ARS 11-952 as a not-for-profit entity, to allow public entities to jointly purchase insurance and pool insurance risks. The Valley Schools Management Group (VSMG) is a not-for-profit entity which provides professional management of insurance pools.

A public entity pool is not an insurance carrier or vendor, it is a not-for-profit, separate legal entity formed pursuant to A.R.S. 11-952.01. Valley Schools Employee Benefits Group (VSEBG) is not a vendor of benefits, rather it professionally purchases benefits through tough contract negotiation, specialized staff and a larger member group than individual school districts could achieve.

Valley Schools Management Group has several groups it manages, including the:

  • Valley Schools Worker’s Compensation Group (VSWCG)
  • Valley Schools Insurance Group (VSIG) which handles property and liability insurance
  • Valley Schools Employee Benefits Group (VSEBG) which provides health, dental, life, short term disability, vision, COBRA, and other employee benefits.

VSMG also provides other services, such as building construction management and utility cost reduction programs.