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HPACT logoThe Health Insurance Plans for Arizona Cities and Towns (“HPACT”) is an Employee Benefits Program for Cities, Towns and Municipalities. HPACT is administered through Valley Schools Employee Benefits Group (“VSEBG”), an Arizona public entity pool, originally created for public school districts.

  • You may already have a provider of some services that you are satisfied with and do not wish to change.
  • With HPACT, you can get quotes from all our preferred providers, and you choose which to select.
  • You may choose one service, two, or all at your sole discretion.
  • Membership in HPACT is like holding a Costco card.  You choose which products to buy at bulk/wholesale prices but you can shop at other stores as well.
  • With HPACT, let us show you potential savings, and then you decide what providers are best for you and your employees.

On your behalf, Valley Schools will:

  • Evaluate medical and pharmacy programs for benefit and cost improvement
  • Evaluate all non-medical plans (dental, life, flex, vision etc.) for benefit and cost improvement
  • Provide all incumbent providers renewal services with alternative provider options

ICON city blueSpotlight on Government: Town of Queen Creek

Through their free membership, the Town of Queen Creek takes advantage of full plan administration, tough negotiation with plan providers and wellness program benefits as a long time member of Valley Schools.

The Town of Queen Creek continues to save on quality employee benefits and has access to savings no public entity could receive on their own. 



Plan Administration Includes:

  • Payments to all vendors
  • Accounting services
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Active investment of reserves



Government agencies make custom plan choices that are right for their staff’s needs:


  • We advise – you decide! Each member’s benefits and plan designs are unique to their needs and culture
  • Contract negotiation – One member saved over 50% on employer paid life insurance
  • The total cost to administer, manage and operate the Valley Schools Employee Benefits Group is 2%


Wondering if Valley Schools is a good fit for your public entity?


We serve all types of government agencies, including:

State Agencies

Counties, Cities & Towns

Police & Fire Districts

Library Districts

Native American Reservations and more