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VSWCG Board Meetings ARCHIVE   VSWCP Board Meeting Cancellation June 9, 2016 VSWCP Board Meeting March 9, 2016 VSWCP Board Meeting December 4, 2015 VSWCP Board Meeting September 17, 2015 VSWCP Board Meeting June 18, 2015 VSWCP Board Meeting Calendar 2015 – 2016 VSWCP Board Meeting December 4, 2014 VSWCP Board Meeting June 12, 2014 VSWCP Board Meeting March 7, … Read More


VSEBG Board Meeting ARCHIVE   VSEBT Board Meeting December 14, 2016 VSEBT Appeals Board Meeting September 29, 2016 VSEBT Board Meeting September 13, 2016 VSEBT Board Meeting Calendar 2016-2017 VSEBT Board Meeting June 23, 2016 VSEBT Board Meeting March 31, 2016 VSEBT Appeals Board Meeting March 14, 2016 VSEBT Board Meeting December 3, 2015 VSEBT Appeals Board Meeting October 19, 2015 … Read More

VSIT Board Meeting ARCHIVE

  VSIG Board Meeting ARCHIVE VSIT Board Meeting December 13, 2016 VSIT Board Meeting September 6, 2016 VSIT Board Meeting Calendar 2016 – 2017 VSIT Board Meeting March 1, 2016 VSIT Board Meeting December 8, 2015 VSIT Board Meeting September 22, 2015 VSIT Board Meeting June 16, 2015 VSIT Board Meeting March 10, 2015 VSIT Board Meeting Calendar 2015 – … Read More

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VSMG Board Meetings ARCHIVE   VSMG Board Meeting December 21, 2016 VSMG Executive Session November 21, 2016 VSMG Board Meeting November 16, 2016 VSMG Board Meeting October 26, 2016 VSMG Executive Session October 17, 2016 VSMG Executive Session September 8, 2016 VSMG Board Meeting June 22, 2016 VSMG Board Meeting May 25, 2016 VSMG Board Meeting April 27, 2016 VSMG … Read More

Employee Benefits Around the World

A world map employee benefits

Did you know 30% of employees are looking for other work while at their jobs? — Some of those might even be wondering what it could be like to work in another country.   It depends on what country you’re thinking, because policies can differ overseas. From job security to work-life balance to compensation packages, here’s a quick overview of the best … Read More

Christy Todd

A portrait of Christy Todd

Christy Todd, Senior Account Executive   Christy Todd serves as a Senior Account Executive responsible for large member clients. Christy has over three decades of experience in personnel benefits and health care administration. Prior to joining VSMG this year she was the owner of the agency, AZ Health and Life Advisors LLC. Before that, Ms. Todd was an Agency Manager for … Read More

Sheri Gilbert

Sheri Gilbert, Senior Account Executive   Sheri Gilbert is the Senior Account Executive for the VSEBG program.  She has been with VSMG for nearly a decade.  Sheri has a diverse background having owned and managed multiple businesses, designed and manufactured merchandise, worked as a freelance writer, a Quality Assurance Manager for Fidelity Residential Solutions and is a published author of a novel.  … Read More

Tom Bock

Tom Bock Valley Schools

Tom Bock, Administrator Valley Schools Insurance Trust Tom Bock is the Administrator for the Valley Schools Insurance Group (VSIG) and the Valley Schools Workers’ Compensation Group (VSWCG).  Tom Bock has been the administrator for these programs since 2002.  Prior to that, he has vast experience in managing claims for insurance and workers’ compensation in both the public and private sectors.  This … Read More