Are You Languishing? Here Are 7 Tips for Coping

Are You Languishing? Here’s 7 Tips for Coping with Change - Valley Schools

Do you feel like you’re living life in a fog? Are you having trouble concentrating? Does it feel like you are experiencing burnout and only have enough energy to get through the day? These feelings aren’t as serious as clinical depression, but the struggle is still very real.   You’re probably experiencing a sense of languishing.  Many psychologists have used the … Read More

Why Self-Funding Might Make Sense for Your Employer Organization

Is self-funding right for my organization? - Employee Benefits Consulting - Valley Schools Arizona

Self-funded insurance is becoming more popular with employers today—especially those operating in the public sector, as the benefits of self-funding many of the time outweigh the costs. Education is key! Only employers that have an experienced self-funding consultant in their corner are able to understand the financial benefits, realize the full potential, and reap the rewards of self-funding. Rewards include … Read More

Secrets to Long-Lasting Habit Change

Secrets to Long-Lasting Habit Change - Wellstyles and Valley Schools

Humans by nature are often resistant to change. We are creatures of habit and comfort. We do not like to do things we know will make us uncomfortable, despite knowing and understanding the positive benefits that can come from these often temporary sacrifices. According to the CDC, a small percentage (only 6%) of Americans consistently engage in the top five … Read More

Why It’s Important to Take Short and Long Breaks from Work

Why It’s Important to Take Short and Long Breaks from Work - Valley Schools Arizona

If you’ve ever experienced brain drain, idea or writer’s block, creative malaise at work, you’re not alone. We’ve all experienced these productivity inhibitors at some time or another during normal work hours. The struggle they present when trying to get things done can be debilitating for employees and leaders, alike, no matter what industry you’re in. Research presented in Psychology … Read More

Back to Basics: Tips For Getting Your Health Back on Track

Back to Basics: Tips For Getting Your Health Back on Track - WellStyles - Valley Schools

The growing prevalence of chronic disease in the U.S. is staggering. Chronic disease is becoming the new norm, with 51.8% of U.S. adults living with at least one chronic condition and 27.2% with multiple chronic conditions (3). Some experts suggest this rise in chronic disease is due to a mismatch between human biology’s innate interdependence with nature and the disconnect … Read More

School District Purchasing and Procurement 101

School District Purchasing and Procurement 101 - Valley Schools - Arizona nonprofit corporation

We all know how to buy things … stop at the store, go to the mall, buy and repeat. What if, however, you’re purchasing on a grander scale … like for thousands of employees in a school district vs. your family of four? Imagine routinely buying products priced at more than $100,000. Think of how you would maintain order while … Read More

Self-Compassion: The Secret to Stress Reduction

Self-Compassion: The Secret to Stress Reduction - WellStyles - Valley Schools

Growing up, we learned our actions have consequences – “treat others the way you want to be treated.” While an important lesson, when did we learn how we should treat ourselves? Recent research shows that being kind to ourselves and addressing our mistakes with grace may be the key to stress reduction. What is Self-Compassion? Compassion is having a sense … Read More

Optimizing Your Sleep Environment – Black Out Challenge

Sleep is a complex process meant for restoration of the mind and body. It is our innate time for rest, integration and repair. When we have persistent disturbances to a natural sleep pattern, we see detrimental consequences in our health. It is for this reason that sleep and proper sleep hygiene should be an everyday priority. Insufficient or poor-quality sleep … Read More

Benefits Plan Changing? Here’s How To Prepare

Benefits Plan Changing? Here’s How To Prepare - Valley Schools - an Arizona nonprofit corporation

The one constant in life is change. Employee benefit plans are no different. Whether your employer is changing vendors or adding new plan benefits, it’s important to be prepared, ask the right questions and understand how the changes are going to affect you. Here are a few tips to help you prepare. Plan, Prepare and Do Your Research One of … Read More