Gearing Up With Gratitude

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Feeling In Control Since the coronavirus began spreading across the world, we’ve undoubtedly learned a lot about the lengths to which people will go for a roll of toilet paper. While the social distancing guidelines were extended by the White House on Sunday, the uncertainty of the future continues to drive the “panic-buying” that we see emptying all the shelves. … Read More

What Is Your Gut Telling You?

woman with hand on her belly in the shap of a heart and a flower inside the heart

Getting to Know Your Gut To understand the importance of our Gastrointestinal (GI) tract, and how the dynamic environment, including the Microbiome, plays a considerable role in our overall well-being, we have to cover the different components that make up the GI system and its basic roles and functions.  Simplistically, the GI tract is responsible for:  Obtaining energy and nutrients … Read More

Beat the Burnout with Moderate Exercise

How to Beat the Burnout with Moderate Exercise Sixty percent of public sector employees report experiencing high levels of burnout due to high occupational pressure1. Burnout can be defined as chronic job stress where the job expectations and workload outweigh the employees’ perceived psychological capacity and ability to cope with the demands. Annually the U.S spends $300 billion dollars on … Read More