Coping with Change: Supporting Employee Physical and Mental Wellbeing in Challenging Times

Coping with Change: Supporting Employee Physical and Mental Wellbeing in Challenging Times - Valley Schools

The human brain is hard-wired to be suspicious of change. This serves as a built-in defense mechanism that makes up part of our primitive survival instincts. Moreover, we face heightened levels of stress when experiencing change, regardless of whether we perceive it to be good or bad change.

There is no denying that we’ve all faced a significant amount of unknowns this past year and a half. Last May, Valley Schools’ Marketing Director, Sheri Gilbert, and Wellness Coordinator, Riley Long, conducted a webinar in partnership with the League of Arizona Cities and Towns.

What’s Covered in the Webinar

  • Understanding our psychology related to change and stress
  • Exploring healthy strategies to help us cope
  • Leveraging resources to help employees
  • Putting it into practice:
    – Mindfulness
    – Reflection
    – Reframing

In our presentation, we explored healthy practices for increasing personal levels of resilience. We addressed the importance of being consistent yet flexible in order to navigate the inevitable hiccups in our daily lives. The webinar also provided information about important coping skills that support healthy behaviors. All of those key points help to turn the tide on how we manage change in an ever-changing world.

If you’re interested in learning more about coping with change, we’d like to offer you the chance to view the video recording!

What is HPACT

Health Programs for Arizona’s Cities, Counties, and Towns (HPACT) is a League of Arizona partner program that was established by the Valley Schools. It was crafted for the unique employee benefit needs of Arizona cities and towns of all sizes. This also includes state administrative departments, counties, utilities, fire, police, library districts, as well as federal agencies, native governments, and more.

HPACT offers full-service employee benefits consulting, plan administration, investment opportunities, and other benefits services including wellness. HPACT’s employee benefits consulting is offered at a fixed fee that saves members up to 30% or more over traditional for-profit consultants.

Supporting Your Employees: Your Health Matters

Valley Schools wants you to have the resources you need for your employees to stay healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether you have employee assistance programs available and you’re looking for better ways to communicate those resources to your employees … or, you’re looking to restructure your employee benefits plan to better fit the needs of your organization, we’d love to hear from you!

Contact Sheri Gilbert at [email protected].