Wellness Program

The #1 goal of the Wellness Program is to offer information, resources and support to help members achieve their health goals.

This voluntary employee wellness program is designed to improve the health and well-being of all employees and reduce health issues affecting employee health and work productivity.

By offering this value-added benefit to our members at no cost, we strive to increase the well-being and productivity of all employees by enhancing all aspects of health.

  • The wellness program increases awareness of positive health behaviors
  • Motivates employees to voluntarily adopt healthier habits 
  • Provides opportunities and a supportive environment to foster positive lifestyle changes

The wellness program helps prevent the development of chronic conditions and better helps manage those who have developed a chronic disease.


WellStyles™ Program

Connect with the people and tools you need to meet your personal health goals.

WellStyles™ is a lifestyle management program designed to put YOU in charge of your health & wellbeing.

Employees who participate in WellStyles™ can earn points for participating in age appropriate preventative care (annual physicals, dental or eye exams, cancer screenings, etc.) and for healthy living programs (smoking cessation, BMI monitoring, exercise/ fitness programs, etc). Different point accruals result in various prizes.


You can enroll any time throughout the year and request prizes at any time that you have enough points.

1. Find Supporters

Search the network and browse profiles to find colleagues to support you.

2. Join Fun Challenges

Find challenges you like, start or join a team, and invite your colleagues.

3. Track Progress

Set goals, track progress, compare results with peers, and share your successes.

How do you get involved?

Contact Kendall Taylor, Wellness Director at (623) 594-4370 or contact us for more information on the Wellness Program, and how you can get your team on the road to good health.

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