Meet Your Circadian Rhythm

A person looking at a clock in bed Circadian Rhythm

The rotation of the earth results in a 24-hour light and dark cycle. All life on this planet has adapted and/or evolved with the exposure to daylight and darkness for hundreds of millions of years. Many of us know the circadian rhythm is responsible for our diurnal habits (sleeping at night, and wakefulness during the day).  But the effect the … Read More

The Evolutionary Context of the Ketogenic Diet

A plate with salmon resting on top of greens ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet has gained significant traction in the news, on social media, and even documentary production.  With its rising popularity, it’s hard not to wonder if this might be the answer we have all been waiting for to settle the never-ending diet war.  The truth is, “dieting” is not an eating behavior that is natural to human evolution and … Read More

What’s the Doctor got to do with it?

A stethoscope with a heart against it Relationship

Have you ever considered how much influence the relationship with your health care provider has on your health? When selecting a healthcare provider to work with, are there certain things you look for, or standards you have? Or is it merely, check the task box of things such as: they’re in network, the office is near me, and/or I can … Read More

Written Determinations and Rationale for Cooperative Purchases at Arizona School Districts

A stack of coins on top of documents with pens surrounding it cooperative purchases

Last year’s legislative session included a law that requires school districts to provide rationale when choosing specific cooperative purchases. Based on that statute, the procurement rules require a written determination to include that rationale.  Districts are now required to provide a rationale when selecting vendors on a cooperative contract. This will be an additional step in your due diligence process. … Read More

Welcome to Summer!

A person is standing in front of a bright sunset valley schools

Valley Schools welcomes you to the Benefits Broadcast, showcasing timely topics and updates relating to your membership. We are passionate about serving our members and helping them live their best lives. Your Benefits Account Management and Wellness Team are always available to answer questions and provide detail on any of the topics and resources listed below. Health and Happiness from … Read More

Seasonal Allergy Saga – Shield Up!

A meadow of blooming flowers seasonal allergy

Spring is in full swing, and while the warmer temperatures give us the beautiful blooms and delightful vistas to view, it can paint our every day into allergy hell. Seasonal allergy symptoms can include coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, fatigue, and sleep deprivation, and additional inflammatory responses. It can be hard to function at work or home while these allergies are … Read More

Is it Time for an Employee Benefits Consulting Tune Up?

A doctor is working on his laptop looking over employee benefits

Employee benefits packages are a tremendous component of public sector employer’s budgets, employee retention and recruiting efforts. An employer of 3,000 employees or more may need to budget upwards of 20 to 26 million annually towards employee health benefits. For our schools, this is an incredible amount of public funding and a crucial part of the overall budget spend. It … Read More

The Fight on Stress

A woman is sitting in front of her laptop stressed from work

Stress is unique. What creates stress in one person may not be the same for another. Why? How we experience stress is relative to each of our individual backgrounds and beliefs. Stress can be defined as, “physical, mental, or emotional tension resulting from factors that alter equilibrium within the body.”  Stress can also be defined as, “the perception of a … Read More

Why You Should Trust Valley Schools

A Doctor is demonstrating to his patient his condition with Valley Schools programs

The Valley Schools difference is our decades of experience. For more than 30 years, Valley Schools has been the Grand Canyon State’s foremost choice for people searching for a wide variety of services, including benefits consulting, wellness, and insurance options that are customized to meet your specific needs in specific areas, including health insurance, affordable health insurance, health care plans, … Read More

Here at Valley Schools & HPACT, We Take Springing Into Spring to Heart!

Valley Schools Wellness teams putting their hands in a circle

February, March and April have been a whirlwind of activity for our Account Management and Wellness Teams at Valley Schools. Take a look at some of the exciting ways we are supporting our members and their communities! Paradise Valley Unified Fun Run 5K Peoria Unified School District 5K City of Tolleson and Tolleson Elementary School District Whoopee Daze 5K Avondale … Read More