Tips to Make Buying Local a Lifestyle Habit

Why Eat What’s Down the Street: Part 2 How you can start buying local today   In part one of Why Eat What’s Down the Street, we looked at the importance of sourcing local produce, in addition to the health implications of modern food production and transportation. Which brings us to part two: How do you start buying and eating … Read More

The Benefits of Buying and Eating Local Foods


Why Eat What’s Down the Street: Part 1 A case for buying and eating local foods and how modern food production and transportation harms our health  Food, glorious food. But, how glorious can food be if most of it travels distances up to 1,500 miles from the farm to your dinner table, losing nutrients and gaining pesticides and herbicides along … Read More

Eating Healthy: Did You Taste The Rainbow Today?

Eating Healthy: Did You Taste The Rainbow Today? - Eating by Color - Valley School and WellStyles

“Taste the rainbow,” is a well-known tagline made famous by the multicolored candy, Skittles. But there’s a price to pay to taste this artificial rainbow, and the many other artificial food-like substances dominating our western diet. According to an article by Everyday Health, Skittles is able to achieve its vibrant color palette thanks to the additive titanium dioxide, a damaging … Read More