Not your typical consultant.

Valley Schools has been a leader in insurance administration, vendor contracting, and consulting services for over thirty years. As a nonprofit corporation, Valley Schools #1 priority is advising and providing our members best-in-class service at the most competitive rates possible. Our track record speaks volumes!

Valley Schools' mission is to provide tailored and innovative solutions with a primary focus on improving individual health and well-being to achieve the lowest health care costs.

What makes the Valley Schools model so consistently successful?

  • More buying power with over 35,000 members and growing.
  • Experienced, topnotch school finance and business administrative governance as well as exemplary insurance administration leadership.
  • Employees at Valley Schools are committed to excellence, and continue to innovate and expand services to meet marketplace changes.
  • Active, effective claims management.
  • Advanced solutions for medical and pharmacy plan strategies to control costs.
  • Innovative and comprehensive wellness solutions for employees. Valley Schools offers our premium wellness platform and custom programs to all members at no additional cost, which includes access to a full-time Wellness Director and additional wellness coordination staff.
  • Ongoing, assertive contract negotiation for all lines of service including health insurance, health care plans, and group health insurance.

3.94% five-year medical renewal average for all members!

Valley Schools Management Group has several groups it manages, including the:

  • Valley Schools Worker’s Compensation Group (VSWCG)
  • Valley Schools Insurance Group (VSIG) which handles property and liability insurance
  • Valley Schools provides health, dental, life, short term disability, vision, COBRA, and other employee benefits.