Valley Schools Insurance Group

Tom Bock, Administrator
Mona Leyva, VSIG Administrative Assistant 
Kristine Mutlak, VSIG Administrative Assistant 

Scott McCleary, Assistant Director, Sr. Property Liability Claims Examiner
Rondi Payne, Safety & Training Specialist
Rosemary Hayden, Risk Liaison for Paradise Valley Unified School District

Phone: (623) 594-4370
Fax: (623) 594-4376

Valley Schools Employee Benefits Group

Tom Elliott, Executive Director Member Services 
Silke Lyons, Administrative Assistant to Tom Elliott

Christy Todd, Senior Account Executive Products and Services
J.E. Pizarro, Support Services Director
Darlene DeVeuve, Senior Account Manager
Tory Thompson, Account Manager
Elvis Becerra, Account Manager Products and Services
Kendall Taylor, Wellness Director
Kristen DeCosta, Dietitian
Lauren Bachman, Clinical Director Wellness Services
Mikayla Crouch, Wellness Support Specialist
Riley Long, Wellness Coordinator

Phone: (623) 594-4370
Fax: (623) 594-4375

School Services

Jerry Cipriano, Director School Services
Cinnamon Swayzee, Program, Warranty Manager

Joey Cipriano, Facilities Safety Inspector
Justin LeBlanc, Facilities Safety Inspector

Skip Brown, Senior Program Manager

Phone: (623) 445-5275
Fax: (623) 445-5280

Valley Schools Workers Compensation Group

Debbie Baker, Workers’ Compensation Supervisor
Gloria Molinar, Senior Claims Adjuster
Theresa Cons, Claims Assistant
Keri Miller, Billing Specialist

Phone: (623) 594-4370
Fax: (623) 271-9117