We know districts and public government from personal experience.

School Districts

Valley Schools combines public government employers into a larger group health insurace plan which gives them much more clout in the purchasing world.  In addition, Valley Schools employees are specialty contract negotiators familiar with each line of health insurance, able to negotiate better contracts and pricing than most employers who cannot afford a full time specialist.  Valley Schools also offers group health insurance plans and plan design that members cannot access on their own.

Other Governmental Agencies:

Valley Schools is uniquely organized to save municipalities money, provide the highest quality services and allow you to retain complete flexibility and autonomy. On behalf of your agency, we will evaluate medical and pharmacy health insurance program for cost improvement, evaluate all non-medical plans (dental, life, flex, vision etc.) for benefit and cost improvement, and provide all incumbent providers renewal services with alternative provider options. 

Similar to the programs and services offered to K12 school districts, Valley Schools provides these same employee benefits consulting and aggressive group health insurance plan negotiating on behalf of public and private higher educational institutions. State, community and technical colleges, tribal governments and public agency departments can also benefit from our diverse group of coverage experts and draw on decades of education and public sector experience, saving time and money.