The Valley Schools Advantage

Our members have full autonomy on benefit and vendor decisions.

Valley Schools Employee Benefits Group is here to help our members save on health insurance products and services, including benefits consulting. Below are a few ways we outshine our competition and help our members stabilize health insurance costs year after year.

Benefits Consulting


Valley Schools is your full service benefits consultant.

We evaluate your health care plans including medical, pharmacy, voluntary and ancillary products for efficacy and cost improvement.

Valley Schools manages your benefit vendor relationships, renewal negotiations, provides compliance and ACA assistance, support with open enrollment, and much more to make certain you are completely satisfied.

Unlike traditional benefits consultants, Valley Schools is a nonprofit corporation. We are less concerned with our bottom line, and 100% vested in providing our members a best-in-class consulting experience.

Better Advice, Better Benefits!



As a public entity pool pursuant to ARS 11-952, Valley Schools cooperatively purchases and contracts with benefit vendors on our member’s behalf.

This allows members to utilize the Valley Schools contracted providers at a deeply discounted rate without going out to bid, and resulting in an enriched benefit due to our greater negotiation power.

Valley Schools rigorously evaluates all vendor options before choosing a Preferred Provider and re-negotiates annually, or more often if warranted, to make certain they are offering our members the absolute best pricing and service with group health insurance. 

Members are never obligated to utilize the Valley Schools providers. It’s one more option in the insurance toolbox, which equals true control and independence.

Your choice – always!



Valley Schools believes in wellness and a wellness program! We are committed to helping our members succeed in creating and sustaining a true culture of wellness.

Why is this important? For the first time in human history, children are projected to have shorter lives than their parents. We spend $110 billion dollars a year on exercise clubs, supplements, and diets, and $2 trillion dollars a year on medical costs for preventable diseases.

Our wellness program leadership and advanced employee wellness programs set us apart from our competition and is backed by the latest studies and recommendations by health and wellness industry experts.

We believe so strongly in the value of wellness, Valley Schools offers our members access to our robust wellness programs and platforms at no additional cost.

It’s your time to thrive with WellStyles™ and Valley Schools!

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