Leveraging Technology to Help Employees Understand Their Benefits

a woman on her laptop looking at technology

Is your district making the best out of your insurance benefits? Do your employees understand which healthcare benefits are needed for their family? Leveraging technology during open enrollment can connect the dots for employees in learning what benefits their employer offers and what the advantages of each can mean for them. With so much to look over, it may be … Read More

What’s the Doctor got to do with it?

A stethoscope with a heart against it Relationship

Have you ever considered how much influence the relationship with your health care provider has on your health? When selecting a healthcare provider to work with, are there certain things you look for, or standards you have? Or is it merely, check the task box of things such as: they’re in network, the office is near me, and/or I can … Read More

Sleeping Over Sickness

A female is pouring coffee into a mug because she didn't get enough sleep

Did you know that humans are the only mammals that deprive themselves of sleep? Lack of it has become an accepted part of our everyday experience, but serious health issues are associated with not getting the recommended hours, and an extra cup coffee is not sufficient to offset the symptoms and risks. Fatigue, depression, anxiety, lowered immune system, impaired memory, … Read More