Cold and Flu Season Prevention Tips

Sick woman with scarf over nose during cold and flu season

It’s a seasonal thing that no one really has time for during cold and flu season. Bacteria and viruses attack with no warning. There are several steps you can take to help prevent catching a cold or the flu and reduce the spread of the ugly stuff that causes it. It’s easier than you think. Prevent catching and spreading the … Read More

Beat the Burnout with Moderate Exercise

How to Beat the Burnout with Moderate Exercise Sixty percent of public sector employees report experiencing high levels of burnout due to high occupational pressure1. Burnout can be defined as chronic job stress where the job expectations and workload outweigh the employees’ perceived psychological capacity and ability to cope with the demands. Annually the U.S spends $300 billion dollars on … Read More

Group Training: Fancy Your Fitness

A small gymnasium with females doing group training

Why do people continue to spend money on group fitness exercise classes when they have the ability to do a similar workout for free in the comfort of their own home? If you have ever started a home workout then found yourself growing bored, you are not alone! You may fall into the category of people who benefit from a … Read More