Federal Procurement Compliance for Arizona School Districts


What’s Up with All These Federal Procurement Requirements for School Districts Anyway? By Bill Munch, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB *This article was previously published in The EDGE magazine, an AASBO publication. Before I start, I just wanted to briefly say how humbled I am to have been fortunate enough to be elected Vendor Representative on the AASBO Board.  I could not … Read More

School District Purchasing and Procurement 101

School District Purchasing and Procurement 101 - Valley Schools - Arizona nonprofit corporation

We all know how to buy things … stop at the store, go to the mall, buy and repeat. What if, however, you’re purchasing on a grander scale … like for thousands of employees in a school district vs. your family of four? Imagine routinely buying products priced at more than $100,000. Think of how you would maintain order while … Read More