Healthier Employees = Healthier Insurance Programs & Budgets

A male doctor is consoling a female patient about insurance in a doctor's office

When an employee misses work because they are sick, it’s a hardship on the employee and the employer. Absenteeism costs the employer money and time. From finding a substitute teacher, pulling assistance from another department to cover the gap, to shuffling deadlines and duties.  Presenteeism is also critically important and often overlooked. This is when an employee is physically at … Read More

The Health Benefits of Meditation

What if there was a tried and true solution to make you more positive, energized, productive, focused, as well as reducing your stress? Have you ever tried meditation? Simply being more connected and present in our daily lives may be the solution to feeling balanced, happy and grateful.   There are different meditation practices so it is important to find … Read More

Weight Loss 101

A woman is running along a road in pursuit of weight loss

With every New Year comes a slew of exercise goals and fad diets. Unfortunately, both the goals and the diets often fall flat due to frustration associated with deprivation and/or a lack of results. Turn over a new leaf in 2019 by following these simple strategies for successful weight loss and gift yourself a more balanced diet in the New … Read More

The Benefits of Partnering with Valley Schools

A nurse is taking a patient's blood pressure with the help of valley schools

For more than 30 years, Valley Schools has been the leader in insurance administration, vendor contracting, and consulting services. We provide school districts, governmental agencies, and public sector employees with the absolute best pricing in employee benefits and insurance coverage, to better support their financial freedom and well-being. Valley Schools combines governmental employers into a larger group, which increases their … Read More

New Years Nuptials – Courting Success

An apple with a measuring tape around it new years

We’re approaching the new years and if you’re anything like the majority of us, you’re teetering on the edge of serving yourself a new years resolution so big that its bound to come with a heaping side of guilt once you fall off the wagon or you’ve already decided there will be no resolutions this year because you fear this … Read More

Myth-Busters About Red Meat

A beautiful piece of red meat surrounded by rosemary

MYTH: Red meat is bad for you. TRUTH: Contrary to the recent media headlines, the meat is healthy and can absolutely be a part of a nutrient-dense, whole-foods diet. Red meat is a rich source of the B vitamins thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folate, niacin, Vitamin B6 and especially Vitamin B12. In fact, sufficient red meat intake is one of … Read More