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WellStyles™ is a comprehensive wellness program providing education, motivation, and actively cultivating opportunities to improve well-being, mindfulness, fitness and overall quality of life for our members.

When employees achieve and maintain optimal health, employers reap the following benefits:

  • Reduction in Absenteeism
  • Prevention of Chronic Disease
  • Healthier morale
  • Employee retention
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction in healthcare costs
  • Stabilizing rates and quality of benefits
  • Impacts community well-being

Employees spend an average of 50 hours in the workplace per week! Our goal is to encourage wellness program participation at every engagement level.  Our online strategy and WellStyles™ Pillars of Health cultivates healthier behaviors that become joyful habits for lifelong personal improvement. We are passionate about creating a culture of wellness at work that continues to evolve into our homes and communities. 

WellStyles™ has been proven to reduce claims costs!


Have a dedicated wellness coordinator strategize with you on your wellness program throughout the year!


You will be able to recruit, train, and leverage wellness champions at each location.


Choose on-site visits based on the need and interest of your location!


Tailor points, sync your device, participate in challenges and utilize incentives on our online platform.

Introducing the WellStyles™ Essential Components

WellStyles™ Pillars of Health that reflect the core tenets of healthy living. 



Nutrition is defined as the substances consumed to support growth, metabolism, and repair.

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Physical activity is inclusive of everything from gentle movement to intense exercise.

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Stress Management

Mindfulness is defined as a technique where the individual focuses his/her full attention on present thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgment. 

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Connection is a subjective feeling of closeness and belonging to friends, family, self and community.

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Toxin Reduction

A toxin is defined as anything that leads to a deviation in optimal mental, physical, and/or emotional health. 

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Rest is defined as a period of repair, recovery or detachment needed to return to optimal health and wellbeing. 

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How do you get involved?

Contact Kendall Taylor, Wellness Director at (623) 594-4370 or contact us for more information on the Wellness Program, and how you can get your team on the road to good health.

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Employee Testimonials

“I have to tell you, my staff is rocking-they are committed to getting healthy, working out and losing weight on top of it all. SO excited!"

“Many staff members have shared more about how they are trying to be healthier. This program has gotten people thinking and talking about it, which is great!”

“It helped me get to know my co-workers on a different level.”